Motorola’s Enterprise Mobility Division asked NST to improve service levels and reduce expenses in managing a suite of customer-facing applications and the supporting infrastructure.


The applications portfolio included disparate but integrated solutions. That meant that in order to derive the maximum value from each process-supporting application, Motorola would have needed multiple teams with expertise in multiple technologies and business processes. The applications included:

  • Dispatch for Windows (DfW), a group of custom applications, serves as the customer interface for accessing Motorola’s service functions
  • ViryaNet, a COTS solution that provides support to mobile workforces
  • Clarify, a CRM application for Service Center and Field Service
  • Actuate, Centralized Reporting for the Enterprise Performance
  • Production Support, including System Admin, Network Engineering, and Database Administration

The skills needed to support this portfolio were diverse, including latest and earlier generation technologies, custom and off-the-shelf applications, analytics, and a wide range of infrastructure components.

NST’s Solution

Working with the client to discuss specific objectives and their priority, NST started the engagement leveraging the staff augmentation service of our Consulting Group. This allowed us get people with the right skills engaged quickly while we rapidly acquired the detailed knowledge to address the broader initiative.

NST applied our Correct ShoreSM model to staff a distributed team onsite and offshore to deliver application development and maintenance (ADM) and infrastructure services at a very attractive price while delivering top flight service. On a rotation, offshore team leads spent 3 months onsite with the client to develop the detailed working knowledge of the business, processes, applications, and infrastructure that enabled the offshore teams to perform at the level expected by a demanding client. The onsite engagement builds understanding and confidence among the team members. As workloads shifted, NST was able to adjust the team size to fit the immediate need.


One of the first benefits from our service was a fast start, as NST’s team was able to identify the right people in our Solutions Group to get engaged quickly. Armed with additional knowledge of what would be needed to be successful, our Recruiting team on-boarded additional team members for specific roles. We developed an efficient communications and reporting path with Motorola leaders to stay in sync and respond rapidly to changing circumstances.

The performance and adaptability of all applications in the portfolio quickly improved, not just in terms of key metrics, but also the perception of the effectiveness of the apps. The applications suite earned an unrivaled reputation with Motorola’s business leaders and customers for creating high service levels.