MFA for Human Services is a one stop solution for government social services enterprises looking to enable a field force working out of the office and on the move such as HHS agents working for home visit programs or for cash assistance programs, etc. The solution is built on in-depth knowledge of public assistance programs and provides rich and unique features for the mobile agents on the field. MFA for Human Services is delivered in the Customized-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) model with several pre-built and customizable features for the mobile force. MFA for Human Services is delivered on the Cue-me™ Multimodal Platform, and is available on a variety of smartphones and tablets.

MFA for Human Services specifically addresses the specific needs of public assistance programs, providing agencies with a flexible, extensible, efficient and optimized solution. NST’s deep expertise in public sector programs and mobile technologies makes us unique vendor to provide this off-the-shelf solution to Human Service Agencies.

Benefits for Human Services

  • Complete elimination of paper based work
  • Easy to use solution: Faster adoption of user community increasing ROI
  • Rapid deployment
  • Improved efficiency for the mobile agents
  • Improved efficiency for back end administration

Product Feature Highlights

  • Ready to use context delivery and multimodal components
  • Run portable applications using device appropriate interaction features
  • Manage security and applications from a single server platform
  • Google map Integration to show task locations
  • Long forms converted to user friendly wizard for easy navigation and collecting data
  • Capture image through built in camera with easy annotation and attach it to the application
  • Digital signature components
  • Speech to text feature
  • Allows free hand writing using stylus for lengthy statements in the application
  • Preview and print the form in their standard official approved format
  • Integration with existing Human Service systems to pre-fill many fields

The solution is specially customized for social service programs and easily collects in-depth information about program benefits recipients. The underneath platform used for the solution is Cue-me™, which is a secure, open-standards based, context aware multimodal and enterprise mobility platform. Cue-me™ supports application development, management and deployment, enabling a rich user experience across all mobile device platforms.

The solution provides flexibility for programmers to enhance the features of your application in a short time frame with facilitated deployment on mobile devices or tablets. The platform provides rapid application development tools for developers to enhance context-aware features making it easy to adopt and effectively use.