Avaya provides business communication solutions for customer and team engagement. The client required an enterprise-wide data warehouse and analytics solution to support the go-to-market strategy for its global sales operations. Given the broad scope, the intent was to also include other areas of the business to gain visibility. The objective of the effort was to provide associates at all levels of the company access to real-time data in order to manage the daily operations and execute the strategic plan.


Avaya was not able to implement the principle of a ‘single source of truth’ in their data analytics. As with many larger organizations, data existed in disparate silos without integral data links. This resulted from tactical decisions to foster speed to value, but the resulting inaccuracies and inconsistencies in the information required substantial manual intervention and actually slowed the process down.

NST’s Solution

NST’s team implemented a SAP BI based solution. NST applied our Correct ShoreSM with a small local team for rapid, efficient communications with business leaders and a larger offshore team to perform the majority of the implementation. The team designed a data warehouse solution which solved Avaya’s immediate challenges while also being scalable for future phases across the enterprise. The solution provides the capabilities to consolidate data from multiple SAP environments as well as multiple external data sources. The actionable information is then made available to users in an intuitive self-service reporting platform.


The solution implemented by NST provides tight integration with the SAP R/3 environments leading to shorter implementation times and better visibility to information. NST leveraged standard capabilities in SAP instead of developing custom solutions which would be more costly and difficult to maintain and enhance. The analytics platform has become the long-term enterprise data warehouse that allows Avaya to consolidate all business applications into this integrated scalable solution. Information that was either made available too late for managers to take effective action – or was not available at all – is now available in real-time.